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Recovery is more important

There is so much information out there about how to get results fast! Websites and social media platforms like Instagram show hundreds of tips regarding what exercises are best, what diet helps you lose fat, and what supplements help you the most. While everything I mentioned can help you achieve results, nothing is more important than your recovery.


Let’s begin with the two categories. Physical recovery refers to how your body heals your muscles and their function, soreness, and energy levels. Psychological recovery refers to how your mind heals from strenuous tasks that cause your brain stress and affects your mood.

Both are important to monitor if you want the best recovery. Suppose you’re always doing very high-intensity workouts. In that case, your body will need substantial nutrition, sleep, and hydration, and the system that controls and monitors everything, your nervous system (the brain), will also need a reset.


Recovery is so important because this is where 95% of your results come from. After a long day at work filled with stress, your commute, then a strenuous workout, your body might be tapped out. Think of your body as a sponge able to absorb a ton of liquid. But at some point, when overloaded, a sponge begins to leak out. Regarding your body, instead of water, it’s more like high stress, possibly achy muscles & joints, lack of motivation, and poor mood.


The best way to begin addressing your recovery is to start with the basics. First, makes sure you are getting 6+ hours of interrupted sleep. Second, look at managing your stress if it’s usually very high. Third, write down what you eat for an entire week and see how your body feels by the end of the week. Are you eating enough protein, carbs, and fat in the correct ratio for YOUR goals? Do this for another week. Compare that to the previous week.

Finally, are you drinking enough water for your level of activity? Many of these things seem simple on paper but can be challenging when trying on your own; my advice is to hire a Nutrition Coach that can help you make it all clear for you.

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