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“Why should grandmothers lift weights?”

There are many myths out there on the topic of ”lifting weights.” Lifting objects is one of the most fundamental skills the human race has developed to learn over time. I know this can be an intimidating idea when it comes to our grandparents so I am going to share my thoughts on this topic.

Learning from experience

In my professional experience backed by some science, I have gathered that everyone can and will benefit from lifting weights just as long as the individual is given the green light by a fitness professional that has administered a thorough assessment.

Hence the topic “Why should grandmothers lift weights?” When I began my career as a personal trainer, it was in 2010. I was excited and highly motivated to help people get in shape. My thought was that I would attract eager, young, and athletic type clients. Little did I know this wasn’t how it panned out. I soon came to realize that the main clientele around me that needed the most support was the master’s population or, as some would say, ”the grandmothers.”

I began to build a base of clients in the age range of 55+. What I found interesting was that the majority of my clients in this range sought functional dominance to be able to live their daily lives. Some were in pain, looking for a solution to their problem. The programming I designed for many of my clients introduced a lot of core and stability training, which directly affects balance. My goal was also to help build functional skills using specific multi-jointed movements. My clients often thanked me for always challenging them because they felt the changes; they were happy!

Fast forward years later, and I’m teaching CrossFit to the same population. There was no difference with the ”grandmother’s” community who worked out at a regular sports club or a CrossFit gym; they still sought to be healthy and in charge of their lives. At this point, i was introducing more weightlifting. Movements such as deadlifts, overhead presses, and loaded squats were used in appropriate doses to deliver the solution many needed.

The Effects

Our grandmothers need to be able to fend for themselves. In many cases, some may still need aid; however, it doesn’t mean an individual who may be limited can’t benefit from lifting weights. Lifting weights will build thicker bones that are much more durable to the ravages of time. Stronger bones also allow significant protection to the joints of the shoulders, hips, arms, and legs. Let’s not forget what affects lifting weights have for the muscles! As our grandparents grow older, they also lose muscle mass. And you can’t move your bones with muscle tissues that do not receive stimulation to get stronger.

Building muscle also requires coordination and neurological stimulation to the brain. We all can benefit from this, but rest assured our grandparents need this more.

Lifting weights in different ways with different loads and speeds will translate differently depending on what an individual’s goal is. Athletes, young teens, moms, dads, uncles, and yes, your grandmother will most definitely benefit from lifting weights. There is a myriad of other benefits that are beneficial from lifting weights stay tuned for more blogs on this topic. If you know of anyone seeking this information or would like to help them get started, feel free to share this blog or have them sign up for a No Sweat Intro.

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