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How to achieve better results at Equis

Staying motivated and energized to do this fitness thing can frustrate us to the point where it affects our daily lives. We always want to improve and win big. We think more is better, and better is not enough. Here are three tips on improving performance that does not require much hassle or stress.

Tip #1: Use your smartphone

Record your movements- often, you’ll hear your coach yelling out directions to help you correct form, but you sometimes don’t feel it or understand what it’s supposed to look like. Watching yourself move is one of the best ways to develop self-awareness which can lead you to correct your mistakes.

Tip #2: Post-workout redemption

Is there a movement in class that frustrated you? Well, take 5 minutes after class to repeat this movement and practice it slower or with a very light load. This offers a good option as a cool down, boosts confidence, and engrains good technique. If time is a challenge, ask a coach when is a good time for you to get more practice.

Tip #3: Ask for help!

Everyone can always use a second pair of eyes and set up a Goal Review with a coach to discuss what bothers you the most and how we can develop a plan that fits your expectations. The guidance of a coach can help you find a clear path that will save you time and stress.

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