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How much weight should i lose each month?

This a question we get very often, particularly from people who seem anxious about wanting to lose weight quickly. i want to lose X by my birthday! How much should i lose in x time? It’s a never-ending question that’s worth looking at.

What’s the ultimate answer?

There is no ultimate answer. You’ll see many percentages and decimals all over the internet; however, we generally recommend 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week and 1% body fat loss per month, give or take. Of course, it will depend on how consistent you are with your exercise activity, food quality, rest, and other lifestyle areas.1-2 lbs and 1% doesn’t sound like a lot, but it will feel different. Try keeping that off over months and months, and you’ll notice the difference.

The reality

The truth is that you can lose a lot of weight and body fat very quickly. The question is, was it a healthy and sustainable approach? Is it something you can maintain for a few years? Are you prepared to deal with the intense mental stress of aggressive approaches?

In my experience, more than half the time, rapid weight loss comes with rapid weight gain or new habits that were once good now become an obsession. Consider your mindset when taking things that can change your life and sense of self.

Do the work

Just to be safe and continuously build sustainable results, do the work! It starts with what you want from exercising and better nutrition habits. How will this make your lifestyle better? Once you discover the “why,” revolve everything you do about making that why come true.

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