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Can I do CrossFit if I’m overweight?

Over the years, I’ve coached several clients who begin their CrossFit journey with the primary purpose of dropping an extra few unwanted lbs. All of them achieved success, yes, all of them. None of them will tell you it was easy, maybe not the most fun, but all will tell you one thing, you can do it, and you should never give up.

What Karate taught me

Back when i began my martial arts journey, i used to coach kids between the ages of 5-12. Once in a while, a parent would pull me aside and say, “hey, maestro, i want you to help my son/daughter lose weight; that’s why i made them come here.” I mostly responded with a hmm as i was standing there, smiling yet concerned, arms locked behind my back while thinking to myself, does this kid want to be here?

Knowing the kid wouldn’t be comfortable, i did what i did best, i met them where they were. I allowed room for mistakes over and over, then the opposite happened, i corrected them, and they improved until they reached their next belt.

Karate taught me that everybody starts somewhere and will look silly at some point because you are learning. We know concerns like possible pain, getting in uncomfortable positions, or old experiences may deter you from having confidence in yourself. The good news is we only require one thing, effort! Even if you struggle, working to be your best is never silly.

Fundamentals Program

You can benefit from CrossFit even if things don’t feel too comfortable. We’ll be able to meet you where you are with zero expectations besides putting your best foot forward that day. Afraid you can’t make these weird-looking moves look cool? I was, too; that’s why we have the basics. We’ll teach you to sit on a box the same you sit on a chair; we call that a squat!

If specific movements bother you, we can even do a basic flexibility test to see if things are moving well and refer you to some basic exercises to help begin correcting the discomfort. We also work with professional licensed physical therapists and chiropractors whom we trust to help you resolve pain.

Our CrossFit program has a 12-week Jumpstart program. You begin withfive5 one-on-one private sessions and slowly attend up to 3 classes per week, all still coached to help you select the correct weights and exercises until you are entirely comfortable and pushing for more.

Nutrition Basics

You’ve probably heard about all the fad diets, teas, and tricks for losing weight. How is nutrition related to CrossFit? We will keep it simple. Our prescription includes eating lean meats & veggies, some fruit, nuts & seeds, little starch, and no sugar, as best possible. Drink water, sleep 6-7 hours daily, and focus on giving yourself a mental health day each day as consistently as possible. Focus on aiming your actions to live the lifestyle you want. It looks simple on paper, but it’s not easy. Start with 1 main habit from any of the above with a CrossFit program, and you will start on the right foot!

Take your time

Losing weight takes time, and it can be challenging. Pressure creates diamonds, sure, but you’re not a rock; you are a human in progress, so every day doesn’t need 100%, and every day won’t be your best. We know that and will be here for every misstep or pound lost!

Need Help

If you feel you are overweight, YES! CrossFit will quickly benefit you because using total body weightlifting movements, cardio, and using your body weight strength at an intensity you can manage will burn many calories. Add Eating quality food and resting can yield the best results. Talk to a Coach today by clicking on our NO Sweat Intro if you or a friend want to learn more about how our CrossFit program can help!

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